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Swell Seasons

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The ‘Swell Seasons’ project from 2014 is about chasing the light and the colours in natural outdoor situations. It is also about the similarities and the differences between contemporary colour painting and fine art photography.

While in colour painting I am working the colours to create a certain atmosphere, my photography is about assigning a certain mood to real situations. For both media, I have to make comparable decisions, yet often in a reversed chronological order. Contemporary colour painting is much about gesture and critical analysis whether the picture needs something more in order to be functioning. When I find an interesting subject for photography, I rather go the other way round, starting with the analysis of the colours, the available light, the composition. I try to find out what and how much I can take away in order to achieve the desired message. And still, with both media, I retain a certain degree of uncertainty or, blurriness, in order to give the viewers enough freedom to find their own interpretations.

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