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VIVorama (Marion Kurz) was born in 1965 in Thalgau, Austria, and still calls the village home.

She graduated at Salzburg University as a Mag.rer.nat (Genetics / Biochemistry) in 1991 and  sub auspiciis praesidentis rei publicae  as a PhD (Philosophy / Natural Sciences) in 1994.

From 1985 on, she has also been an environmental and taxonomical researcher on a non-profit basis. She is member of the board of the Naturkundliche Gesellschaft, Salzburg, co-author of numerous scientific publications and projects, and co-founder of the first on-line biodiversity database (NKIS) and the first on-line journal for taxonomical publications (TaxOn).

She worked in scientfic medical research and as a lecturer at Salzburg University (1989-1996), as a quality manager (1996-1999), as an IT – project manager (1999-2000) and as a system administrator and software engineer (2000-2012).

In 2011 and 2012, she took classes in photography (Manfred Baumann, Stefan Dokoupil, Calvin Hollywood, Fotohof Salzburg, Eric Berger).  In 2013, she started studying Photography at Prager Fotoschule Österreich, Kefermarkt, and Fine Arts / Contemporary Painting at Kunstakademie Salzburg (art classes of Stephan Fritsch, Bogdan Pascu, Eva Wagner, Aleksandar Kolenc, and Hans-Willi Notthoff).

Since September 2013, VIVorama is CEO of and artist at VIVorama e.U.

In November 2017, Marion Kurz died from cancer with the age of only 52.

 Awards & Exhibitions

Ein Hauch – Malerei / Zeichnung / Fotografie
2015, PHOTO.KUNST.RAUM Hamburg

Der Mensch – photographic postcards (20. IFUPA 2015)
2015, PHOTO.KUNST.RAUM Hamburg

ARS IN HORTO – Contemporary Painting
2015, Franziskanerkloster Salzburg

das große format – Contemporary Painting
2014, Kunstakademie Salzburg

ENTFALTUNG – Fotografie und Malerei
2013, VIVorama Studio

One by One – Contemporary Painting
2013, Kunstakademie Salzburg

Hidden Spaces – Secret Places – Photo Contest & Exhibition
7th Price. Jury: Solid Architecture, Initiative Architektur Salzburg, Museum der Moderne Salzburg
2013, Werkschau GmbH, Salzburg

Image Days – Photo Contest & Exhibition
July winner. Jury: Manfred Baumann, Stefan Dokoupil, Olaf Giermann
2012, Salzburger Nachrichten / Messezentrum Salzburg

Preis der ÖEG
Granted for the Project ‘A Review of Micropterix Hübner, 1825 from northern and central Europe (Micropterigidae)’.
2010, Österreichische Entomologische Gesellschaft

Granted for extraordinary performance in natural scientific research. concerning the county of Salzburg
1996, Eduard-Paul-Tratz-Stiftung / Haus der Natur Salzburg

Sackler-Preis der Naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät Salzburg
Granted for exraordinary performance in fundamental medical research.
1995, Universität Salzburg

Würdigungspreis des BMWF
Granted for extraordinary performance at high school and unversity.
1994, Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung, Vienna

Promotio sub auspiciis praesidentis rei publicae
Granted by the austrian president Dr. Thomas Klestil for extraordinary performance at high school and unversity.
1994, Universität Salzburg

Salzburger Natur- und Umweltschutzpreis
Granted for the project ‘Lebensraum Thalgau’; first complete biotop cataster of an austrian community.
1987, Landesregierung Salzburg

Thalgauer Natur- und Umweltschutzpreis
Granted for the project ‘Lebensraum Thalgau’.
1987, Marktgemeinde Thalgau